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You can think Longboarding and Skateboarding are almost similar If you are untrained. But if you feel deeply, you’ll find they are actually very different.Those two forms of boards are actually very different for this sidewalk sport. But there is always a debate on which one is more fun and enjoyable. Most of the public choose the enjoyable one.

We can’t finish the debate on which one is more enjoyable or fun. But we are still trying to describe both because you should know about both and only you have to find out which one is enjoyable for you.

If you’re confused about which one is better or which one you should go for, then you should must know the Longboard vs skateboard. So, let’s start with curiosity.

Theory about Longboard and skateboard :

Skateboarding started around the 50s era. Some surfers decided to create the first generations skateboards. They made it by making the wooden planks drive on wheels. They wheeled a plank of wood and made it for a drive. 

The first era’s skateboards were not as smooth as today. But after many years of a revolution, they are now perfect into shapes and designs we can see now. Of course, this change was not made in overnight. It took many years to be excellent and enjoyable.

Longboards came many later from the skateboards era. And became popular with a few times.Many people loved it and found themselves easy on longboards. That’s why it became popular with a few times.

Skateboards never took place for recreating the surfing sense fully. That’s because of their designs. Their designs were nowhere near actual surfboards., 

In around 1990, the longboarding trend really exploded so far. It made a scene, and this was quite awesome. This was the time of sea-surfers and snowboarders joined together to get a real feel of the surf on land.

Peoples of that time started putting the wheels of roller skate on their boards and mainly started making the shape of longboards as what it is today. The idea was about keeping the original body like an ordinary board of surf. But they added with flexibility and soft wheels to create a realistic feel like riding the waves.

A change in truck technology was seen in that era. Because of reverse kingpins, boards became more stable. That’s why it made more exploration at that time.

And one thing you should know very clearly that the longest longboards were much shorter than the actual surfboards. But they had an almost individual design.

Because of having versatile in shape and size, they became more and more popular from that era. And most of the reason for they could be used on various terrains.

Let's talk about the shape :

I’ve already said, longboards are usually longer than skateboards. They are probably 32 to 60 inches long and mainly 9 to 11 inches wide, and there are skateboards about 28 to 32 inches long, and 7 to 10 inches wide.

It’s obviously their size, which makes longboards to become more stable and provides the perfection between legs and street to balance. That’s why they are so excellent for beginners. The beginners enjoy the sidewalk with it because of its OK balance. It avoids the most of unfortunate accidents for beginners because of its longness. 

When the Board comes to its actual and real shape, skateboards basically have too many different designs, but the shape quality stays almost quite much the same. On both ends, its deck is usually curved shaped. And this curved shape helps skaters to do the Ollie and the flip. It becomes more enjoyable to make Ollie and the flip moves.  

On the other hand, Longboards have narrow and long decks. And it has too many different shapes and sizes. The shapes and sizes provide a different surfing method and experience.

Like The Fish. For example, ‘The Longboard Porsche’ is one of the best high-performance street-riders in the world ever. Because it was shaped totally like the actual fish surfboard, it looks like a fish surfing on land. The Board’s shape ad design seems like a real fish.

The wheels and the trucks:

The skateboards and the longboards both have trucks at the bottom of them. But they are almost very different from each other. The trucks that skateboards have are probably more rigid than longboards, which makes them perfect and easy for grinds. And theses makes the skateboard to do the tricks easier to perform. It makes the skateboard to feel easy to do amazing tricks. 

Basically, trucks of skateboards are narrower. And used always a traditional kingpin.

They come in sizes of difference. And of course, you should pick that one which is the same in size of your deck as the maximum width. 

For the right example,

 6.5″ to 7.20″ decks you should pick with 6″ to 7.20″ truck axles.

And absolutely longboards truck axles are more flexible, which provides to the Board overall flexibility perfectly. Mainly those truck axels are the main reason that’s why longboard-riding feels smooth and comfortable. They are easy to paddle and easy to make sidewalk steps. It avoids most of the unfortunate accidents that happen while playing by the untrained one. And this is all for its smoothness. Mainly the longness of Board and curved decks.

Longboards trucks are wider than skateboards. They have hangers and reverse kingpin. And the hangers are most probably 150 milometers or 180 milometers.

One thing you should know like skateboards, you should find your truck according to the width of the Longboard you have.

Usually, a deck with 9″ width or more than that, must need 180 milometer trucks if you have smaller boards. You can pick 150 milometer ones.

When it’s about the wheels, longboards have bigger and softer wheels than a skateboard wheel. And those longer and softer wheels make them control and drive faster. And make it suitable for all kinds of stunts and surfaces. And they also protect jammer on the road such as cracks, pebble, small stones, slippy materials, etc. So that it is making longer route rides much more comfortable and enjoyable to the riders.

On the skateboard, smaller wheels make them ideal and perfect for doing amazing tricks and balance properly. But they can cause many unfortunate accidents easily. You almost can not avoid those tragic accidents with a skateboard if you are a beginner because it is not that much comfortable on the road.

About the Moving types of the Board:

Now let’s talk about the Moving types of the Board:

Both of the Board means skateboards and longboards get the genre by pushing the Board with one leg off the ground. It starts running by going with one leg on the ground and one leg on the Board to control, and it moves appropriately.

Traditional skateboards are great for tight tracks, ramps, and stunts, because of their lightweight. It makes them perfect and ideal for tricks and flips. Though, some of the same features make them less uncomfortable and unstable to the skateboard riders. 

Actually, with a view for transportation in mind, longboards made. And it can be driven smoothly by riders for miles to miles on any kind of solid or smooth base. For downhills and cross-country, they are actually very perfect to drive.

About more for driving a board properly:

Skateboarders need to use their legs on the ground to push it to get the thrust and speed.This is not safe or not perfect if you are driving it too fast as a beginner. Sometimes it also causes high-level accidents to the profession riders also.

Though, the longboards design makes it possible to pump or roll the Board. You need to shift your weight of body back and forth. This method creates just the force and moves to the pump stunt. But you can’t do this if your feet are not leaving the Board. Your feet must have left the Board while doing this stunt. 

And this thing allows to cruise or pump infinitely on a downhill and flat base to the longboard riders. But your both feet must be stationed properly on the Board.

Gyrating is called a variety of Board, by slightly turning the Board the right and the left side as you go forward where you move to wish. read http://bit.ly/2VStzH70

The Thoughts :

If you’re in a confusion about which one will be better. But It’s important to ask yourself is, “what do you need a board for?” and this is the most important question to yourself before getting a board.  

Even with all the similar and different points on both, longboarding and skateboarding are still has too many difference on their own purpose. Because the could be the same if there were no differences in getting a skateboard or a longboard.skateboard and Longboard was individuated because they have different stages of use. You may feel that they are the same thing. I suppose you might be wrong. That’s why you need to find your own purpose to drive a board.

The size, length, and skateboards’ wheels make them very unsuitable and uncomfortable for longer road rides. Mainly they are suitable for skateparks ride. Or on the fixed skating place. Must need a kind of the surface that is hard and flat.so; the main thing is you need a hard and flat base to drive a skateboard. And of course, the bottom must have plenty of space for doing tricks to avoid unfortunate accidents. 

If you think you can’t ride your skateboard in the streets is not a proper thought. Of course, you can, but this thing is most probably called grinding. Grinding is mainly the process to perform cool stunts by the skaters with a touch of using obstacles. And make sure one thing, Don’t try to ride your skateboard on the street as a beginner. Once you make yourself controlled on Board properly, you can quickly try this out.

The main point is that they all are meant to practice amazing tricks like the dark slides air, the ollies, the kickflips, and so on. And if it feels like to you that, something into you should be, then a skateboard is the usual path to go for you. You must also need to be careful because the skateboards are usually less comfortable and less stable for a beginner, and more dangerous to ride and tricks. And even skateboard riding is forbidden to drive on the streets in some countries of the world, because of It’s shortage of flat and solid base. Riding a skateboard on these areas may cause unfortunate and very serious injuries and accidents to the riders. It also can be the cause of death. Control a skateboard on theses areas are too much hard and risky. That’s why this is highly forbidden to theses areas.

Longboarding was mainly made for transporting and cruising. 

 When it comes to street riding, its design shows its perfection. It is totally comfortable and easy to drive on a rigid surface because of its shape, flexible truck, and soft wheels.

And for a more extended trip, theses longboards are even also adjustable. For example, you can easily use it on roads and have fun on your way to the destination. 

But longboards are not that much comfortable for doing amazing tricks. But it depends on the longboards model.but there are many tricks you can do with a longboard. And they will look impressive too.

The advice :

Both of longboarding and skateboarding makes excellent fun and enjoyment. But you must ask yourself properly for what kind of use you need a board for? Make sure about your choices. If you want or not want amazing tricks and chilling stunts, make it sure to you. Although, if you are a beginner, we will suggest you get a longboard firstly. Because of it is simple to learn moves and it avoids few serious accidents. After making yourself balanced properly on a longboard, you should go for a skateboard. If you want to learn how to use a skateboard read this post https://quinteoutdoorsports.com/how-to-use-a-skateboard/

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